Pattaya,Thailand 2017

Ever since i was young i had wanted to visit Thailand even though it was called Siam when i was younger.
This year i have eventually made it to.the land of smiles via a British airways direct flight from heathrow and the added luxury of club class so i could put the bed down and sleep.if i wanted as this is the longest flight i have ever done.
I love hot weather but the humidity is another matter some days when the humidity is at 87℅ and you sweat buckets just standing still.
things i have learned whilst i was there,do not talk about the royal family,do not get any tattoos of a Buddha its the Buddha believe everything female contains something macho and everything male contains something female,so being straight or gay is not labelled in Thai society but just excepted.
I personally and glad that the Thai authorities are clamping down and taking to task the sex tourists that go to prey on minors,there are warnings on most hotels now and any guests you take back must leave their id at the hotel reception until the leave.
the age of consent is 15 but in cases of prostitution it is still 18,
the Thai calendar is different from the UK to,tell someones date of birth from their id,deduct 543 years then deduct that figure from the year to give their age.

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